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Hot Miami When you think of Miami, most likely, hot bikini-clad babes come into mind. They'd be really sexy and cool, and walking around (or skating through) with no care in the world. Well, there's really more to Miami than that. Although, of course, they – along with your sexy Miami escort – are already great reasons to visit the city. Miami is a city of diversity – where business districts, urban skylines and suited executives meet beachscapes and bikinis. It has the biggest Latin American community outside of Latin America, and is a favorite retirement destination in the US. College kids troop to the city during Spring Break. And, it is always bustling with life and color. Little Havana A great destination within the city is Little Havana. It was named as such because of its past as a largely Cuban community until the 1990s. Here, you and your sexy escort date can savor unique Cuban-American experiences. A stroll through 8th street will lead you to the Tower Theatre, which is a great piece Art Deco architecture that has been around since 1926. Movies still play at the theater, all of which have Spanish subtitles to cater to the Latin American community. Another historical destination is the Cuban Memorial Boulevard, SW 13th Ave and Calle Ocho. Along these streets, you can see pieces of Miami history in relation to its Cuban community. Several monuments litter the strip, such as the Eternal Flame monument to commemorate the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and the Cuban relief map. Food is also amazing in Little Havana. Each bite takes you a bit closer to Cuba and all the flavours of its land. The first stop here for you and your Miami hottie is El Rey de las Fritas, where they make arguably the best Cuban sandwich in America. The sandwich is a Cuban treat brought to the country by migrant Cuban workers. Its goodness is just something you shouldn't pass up! Plus, hanging around the booth with your date, you can get to know each other and perhaps flirt a little. There's just so much vibrancy in your surrounds, it's hard not to be infected by all that's going on. Should things get too hot, cool off with artisanal gourmet ice cream and sorbets from Azucar Ice Cream. A fairly new addition to the Little Havana community, it has become a mainstay in its food culture. Try its signature flavors, such as Cuban Rum Cake and Abuele Maria. To bring it all down, try a shake or sugar cane juice at the Los Pinareños Fruteria, where they sell fresh fruit and shakes. A must-try here is the sapodilla shake, made from the indigenous Central American fruit, which is hard to find elsewhere in the country. Surely, all these savory treats will make you and your date want more. If the choices seem too much, join a guided food tour so you'd know what not to miss out on. The Little Havana Food Tour is a good option here. Head Downtown Downtown is where it all happens – business, financial decisions, theatres and what-not. If you want to treat yourself and your Miami escort to great shopping, restaurants, art and all else, go here. 
For modern Latin American art, head to Nina Torres Fine Art. Torres is the founder of the Miami River Art Fair and has promoted modern art, particularly Latin art, through her work. Another great stop is PAX, short for Performing Arts Exchange, a venue for innovative, free-thinking global performance arts. Shows are varied but always interesting, and a great way to spend nights. It is an experience that you and your date will surely enjoy. When you get hungry, check out Sabor a Perufor authentic Peruvian food at an affordable price. The place looks like a hole in the wall but the food makes it all worth it. You can tell it's going to be good by the line that always forms outside during peak hours. Sample their Ceviche, which is raw fish “cooked” in citrus. The Design District To see more of the “Miami style,” head to Miami's hip Design District. Your young date may be able to tell you more of the history of the place. Its revival only started recently, during the 1990s. Back in the 70s and 80s, it was the decayed remnant of a once bustling furnishings market. It returned to its old glory when a local designer began to bring in new design businesses and brands, which was followed by a stream of new restaurants and shopping centers. A notable stopover here is the Enea Garden Lounge, which has been voted as the best picnic spot in the city. The Enzo Enea-designed place's charm actually extends beyond being a place for picnics. It is landscape artistry at its best, with its relaxing ambience, bamboo tickets and water-filled planters. The Locust Projects is also an interesting destination in the Design District. This is where you go when you want to see new artists and great provocative art. The gallery has become an authority when it comes to the Miami art scene – a long way from its once fledging status. When you want to fuel up for the rest of your night with your date, take them to Gavanna, a hip happening place for drinks, music and some dancing. When it's time to move in closer and grind to great music, this is the place to be. Coconut Grove A great place to settle when you're in Miami with your sexy escort is the Coconut Grove, a small close-knit community near Biscayne Bay. This is the Miami of dreams, where you and your date can play in a seemingly unending series of 1st class shopping centers, restaurants, bars, art galleries and resorts. The community also boasts of several fun and unique festivals, such as the King Mango Strut Parade. When at Coconut Grove, it is a great idea to catch the block parties at the Commodore Plaza, where there's great food, music, dancing and art. These parties only happen a few times in a year so if you happen to chance upon one, go!

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