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With the “Windy City” as moniker, it's hard not to blow things out of proportion when you talk about Chicago. Here, it seems like the winds are stronger, the winters are harsher and the gangsters are the worst. These are all false, of course. If anything, it's the Chicago escorts who deserve to be described using superlatives. If you are visiting Chicago, book an escort to see what I mean. But then again, while you're at it, check out some of the city's best sights, restaurants and bars. Arm in arm with your escort, you are guaranteed a mind-blowing time! The Loop If you are spending a limited time in the city and can only visit a few places, The Loop should be on top of your list. The Loop is the city's business district. It is the location of many of its architectural landmarks and jaw-dropping skyscrapers. First here is the Skydeck, located at Sears Tower/ Willis Tower, which used to be the tallest building in the world. Regardless of how it now stands against newer taller skyscrapers, it is still iconic and a must-see. How would you feel at 103 stories high and looking down at the rest of Chicago? Step into the Ledge with your hot date and find out. Surely, your blood with gush from excitement. Into what body part will it gush? With a Chicago escort in your arm, you know where! Stop over Millennium Park and see why it took way past the millennium before the government of Chicago can open this marvel to the public. A hot spot of modern architecture, amazing landscape design, wide open space, and the slightly disorienting Cloud Gate (informally referred to as “The Bean”), Millennium Park is testament to Chicago's architectural superiority. Another must see is the < href="">Carbide and Carbon Building, an art deco building said to have been designed with a champagne bottle in mind. The building has been around since 1929, and was recently renovated from 2001 to 2004. It still stands out and astounds, even with taller more modern buildings surrounding it. And definitely, it inspires you to pop open a bottle of champagne, perhaps at Aria, where you can get the best modern Asian fusion food in Chicago. Recharge with a fine meal and some bubblies. There's so much more ahead for you and your date. Near North The Near North section of the city moves up towards the North Side district but not quite. The area is still considered part of Downtown Chicago. It is the shopper and foodie haven in the city because of its many department stores and restaurants. A must-see over at Near North is the John Hancock Observatory, reputed to have the best views of the city. The great thing here is that you can go up to a thousand feet and linger. Sit in one of the cafes and order a cocktail or two. Chicago is a massive place and to see it from the deck, over drinks and good company, is something else. Head over to Navy Pier if you've had enough of skyscrapers. Ride the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel instead! This is a great way to spend a fun and not-so-naughty time with your Chicago escort. Of course, you can sneak in a kiss or two. If you're lucky, you might even get a hand job! North Side The North Side is a district made up of upscale neighborhoods, bars, clubs, restaurants, and the Wrigley Field. While here, make a beeline for Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs and a beautiful remnant of Chicago's monumental love affair with baseball. You can get into the field even when there's no game if you and your date join a tour. Or, why not experience a game? Buy a seat in the bleachers and see if you can catch a foul ball. And while Chicago is the home of jazz, it can also rock. The Metro in Lakeview rocks and sometimes hiphops too. Catch a show, and groove with the crowd. If you and your sexy date want some space, head next door to Smart Bar, also owned and operated by The Metro. Dance to the DJ's beat or chill in the corner with your lover. For some theater and a little history, head to Biograph Theater, along N Lincoln Avenue. You can catch a play or just be in awe at the place where legendary bank robber John Dillinger was shot dead by FBI agents. The old marquee, backdrop to that notorious event, is still up. Hyde Park Alongside The Loop as a top Chicago destination is Hyde Park in the South Side district. It is a neighborhood that is home to the University of Chicago, President Obama, amazing architecture and the Museum of Science and Industry, all of which you can visit. Of course, if you want to head down to the President's old home, you need to get out of your car to walk through his street. The place is on lockdown and is occupied by Secret Service for security reasons. There's no harm in walking through though. Take your Chicago escort by the hand and walk down the street as if you're Barack and Michelle. (Well, you might want to check if your date voted Democrat first.) Some students say that the University of Chicagois a place where “fun comes to die.” But then again, that's hardly relevant to you and your escort. You're just there to enjoy the ambience and the architecture! Walk around and see why the university is regarded as one of the greatest universities in the world. The architecture that's seen within the school seems testament enough to its high standard and intellectual superiority. Check out the Nuclear Energy Statue, a commemoration of the production of the first controlled nuclear chain reaction by Enrico Fermi and his team, and the Gothic designs of the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. When you've had your fill, head back to the privacy of your room. Definitely, the richness and diversity that you've experienced in Chicago is enough fuel to fire up an amazing mind-blowing time alone with your lover. I'm sure you'd keep on coming back for more.



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