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Hello Gents, I'm Olivia.:) I'm 22 year old cute girl. I come from South Korea. I'm 155cm tall, 45kg and size 6. I have long brown hair, black eyes, silky peach-skin, natural breasts size C cup.
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AMAZING SARAH UK GLAMOUR MODEL WITH A NATURAL 34J BUST!! THE MOST AMAZING REAL 34 J BREASTS TO HAVE EVER VISITED AUSTRALIA! Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile! I am the ultimate English babe that you have been waiting for! I have flawless skin soft and velvety. Come to bed eyes and a very naughty smile. Long silky dark hair that matches my olive complexion I have a body to die for with curves in all the right places just how a woman should be, with a beautiful size 12 hour...
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Melbourne Escorts

The Pleasures of Melbourne You are bound for pleasure if you are headed for Melbourne, Australia. Touted as the continent’s cultural capital, you can look forward to sensations that will blow you away, and leave you with a smile on your face. Now, we’re not just talking about the erotic here. Although, yes, you can include that on the ‘things to do’ list when in Melbourne. Melbourne offers you so many ways to enjoy your stay – from spectacular food, to amazing shows and fun activities. This is best experienced with Melbourne escorts, of course. Your hot companion can show you a Melbourne from a local’s point of view. Plus, you get to enjoy intimate discoveries together, in and outside your hotel room. If you don’t know how to find your sexy mate yet, check out this How to Book an Escort guide.

Touch Down

As you fly into the city, have your sexy escort meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel. If you’re a business traveler, you are likely to stay at the City Centre, also called the Docklands, where the business district is. This is also the location of several top rank restaurants and bars, parks and other recreational spaces. If you’re a backpacker or traveling on a budget, the St Kilda area is the best place to be. The district also offers you easy access to the beach and a lively and eclectic community. Regardless of where you’re at, don’t skip the chance to soak up on Melbourne culture. The variety of choices is just amazing here so you will find something that will tickle your creative fancy. One of the best stops is the Victorian Arts Centre, which is the location of several theatres, the Melbourne Concert Hall, and the National Gallery of Victoria, among other institutions. You can also opt to go to The Blender Studio, which showcases independent contemporary art. Enjoy these visual and aural delights with your lovely companion. Surely, he or she will appreciate that you are sharing these personal moments with them. Perhaps, they would see it as a rediscovery of the changing cultural landscape of their home. Whatever it is, you are definitely assuring yourself of sensual paybacks – just to show you their appreciation. If you’re famished from all the art and the walking, check out The Kitchen Cat by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The Kitchen Cat is the rebirth of his original Fifteen Melbourne, which was part of the chef’s Fifteen restaurant program that put underprivileged kids through culinary school. The Kitchen Cat still has this program, now conducted through the Stepping Stone Foundation. Now, isn’t this a great way to satisfy your hunger while impressing your date too? Pretty soon, another cat will be purring and satisfying your every whim and desire.

Live It Up

What’s a trip to Melbourne without living it up a little? One of the best places to go is St Kilda Beach, which is a beachside suburb just 6 kilometres from Melbourne’s business center. It is known for being an eclectic community, where you can experience a myriad of song, dance, art and performance – all within its picture-perfect surroundings. For a historical glimpse of the city’s culture, take your Melbourne escort to a self-guided aboriginal trail walk, which would go through the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. This is a great way to learn more about the city and your sexy companion. Take this time to talk about what you expect from your time together. Get to know what she/ he likes and dislikes. Find compatibility points – where you share the most commonalities – and build on that. After all, you are spending your time in Melbourne with your hot date. This is the best way to ensure that you get the best sensual experiences out of it: you have to make your Melbourne escort really like you and want to please you in every imaginable way. Turn things up a bit by heading to Luna Park. The park opened in 1912 and is said to be the oldest amusement park in the world. You can still ride the Great Scenic Railway, an old-fashioned wooden rollercoaster that runs to this day. Or, you can choose the more modern rides, such as the Twin Dragon and the G Force. Enjoy the thrills and, next thing you know, your hot date’s G spot will be throbbing for you. But don’t go back to your hotel yet! Check out one of Melbourne’s beloved icons, the Eplanade Hotel, fondly referred to as The Espy. Here, live music plays till the wee hours of the night. You can listen and dance when the beat gets lively. Move in closer to your date and see how hot it can get. Party Down For sure, you are raring to head back to your hotel room with your Melbourne escort by now. But, wait for a bit – tease yourself and your mate for a few hours more. Do so by experiencing some of the best party places in the city. Get your drink on and experience the diversity of Melbourne’s nightlife. First on the list is the Wine Lane. Here, you get wine, cheese and prosciutto, and occasional live music. People come here to experience the low-key bar ambience, and great food and drinks. It’s perfect when you want to get cozy with your Melbourne escort. If you’re after something more closer to a traditional bar, check out Gin Palace, which specializes in -- you guessed it -- cocktails with gin as base. Things are pretty straightforward when you’re here: drink, talk and cozy up to each other. Another place you should check out is Tony Starr's Kitten Club. Before you get dirty thoughts, this is a bar, and nothing more. Of course, being on the high end of bars in Melbourne, it offers its customers with so much options in one bar. It has a cocktail lounge, an exclusive women-only powder room, a live music space and a “love lounge.” The love lounge is the perfect place for you and your hot escort. Before you head back to your hotel, start things up at the Love Lounge. Canoodle with your lover and show them what the rest of the night has in store.

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